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Sensory Marketing and Consumer Research


Software Solutions for Sensory and Consumer Tests



Sensory Research: We can provide professional sensory services including discrimination (or similarity) testing, descriptive testing (or rapid attribute profiling), and sensory quality grading with our experienced sensory quality assessors.


Specialty in Sensory Science: We have food and sensory scientists with skills and extensive knowledge in food and beverage. Wanil Cho (CEO) had worked in confectionary company and spent over 13 years in the sensory and consumer research. He have completed certificate program ‘Applied Sensory and Consumer Science’ provided by UC Davis Extension.


Experiences in Food: We have 9 years of experience in conducting sensory product testing covering juice, energy drink, sport drink, confectionary, sauce, canned food, rice, flour, wine, alcohol, premix, noodle, coffee, ham, sausage, drinking water, fried food, and so on.


Rapid Results: We provide quick sensory test, senso ConsumerTest; at least 60 housewives consumer assessments, valid product test in the sensory lab, results after 3 days, and low cost of USD 5,000.


Reliability: We are unique sensory consulting company approved by Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT), Korean government enterprise. 


Online solution: We operate software solutions for sensory analysis and consumer sensory test. In case of annual contract, we provide client’s own sensory result database system.