Sensory Laboratory with ISO8589: 1988 regulations.

Each of the twenty two test places is equipped with various colored lights as well as a PC with Internet access. The laboratories are fully air-conditioned. Various storage, cooling and preparation possibilities ensure smooth tests of food products, as well as scent products.


Guest Lounge




  • Customers can use a comfortable guest lounge with a table, television, air purifier, air conditioner, humidifier, and PC. 



Multifunction Room (Descriptive Analysis Training Room)



  • Conference table and booths seating for 13 panelists
  • Dry erase board & Internet connections
  • Overhead projection equipment
  • Air conditioning and air circulation systems



Computerized Sensory Testing Booths





  • Centrally controlled light installations for red, blue, green, and daylight
  • Surface flip-up extension of 22 booth
  • Digit signal facility for silent communication between respondents and laboratory staff



Preparation Room



Preparation Room2

  • host system to control and monitor the PCs used for testing 
  • Separation of the test places by high partition walls
  • Possibility of remote light change during a test 



Lab Kitchen


Preparation Room1

  • Comprehensive kitchen equipment
  • Chest freezers and fridges
  • Gas stoves and microwave ovens
  • High-quality recirculating air ovens and rice cookers